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Scotland Eight facts about Scotland:

1. Scotland - not the most popular country among Russian tourists, but there is really something to see. http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/3006/lady-may2006.2d/0_214a3_8cb19d34_XL

2. Scotland is a hard country to the north of great Britain. Covered with hills, with a cold climate and warlike people 3. Scotland is one of the few countries, preserving its traditions unchanged . Scots are very kind to the old tradition of wearing plaid skirts. 4.jpg

4. Bagpipes- scottish national instrument, play it many scots of the older generation. Bagpipe has a very нобычный smooth shimmering sound, not like the other tools.

5. Edinburgh castle - another symbol of Scotland, though not so popular as bagpipes, kilts and whiskey. During the struggle for independence, this castle was the centre of resistance. In memory of those events every day at 13:00 will be salvo of guns, which was used during the defense of the castle of british troops.

6. The best time to visit Scotland - from may to September. Depending on the weather Scotland you can also visit in April and October, but many attractions in October closed.

7. For those who love the cold and skiing, in the mountainous areas there are almost unlimited possibilities for skiing.

8. It is also worth to visit Edinburgh and Glasgow. Edinburgh is filled with crowds of people during the festival in August, so you should book a hotel before arrival.

Also in Scotland very rainy, if you're in Scotland don't forget the umbrella))

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